Chronic Lymphocutic Leukemia and Electromagnetic Fields
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  September, 2007

Resources About Electromagnetic Fields and Illness

Information from the Office of Scientific and Technical Information from the US Department of Energy.
Information about EMFs and your health on the web site of Dr. Joseph Mercola. He has a good portion here dedicated to defining safe levels of EMFs.
Information about EMFs in the home and workplace. Take a look at the excepts from his book.
This is a link to the book by Karl Riley, the EMF expert who helped correct the high fields in our home and also sent a report that inspired Edison to rewire the electric poles on our block.
Information and equipment available for EMF measurement.
Short for Cutting Edge Catalog. Click on “catalog” and then scroll down till you see EMF.Cell Phone/Geopathic Protection. Click on that for a list of EMF and alternative health products, as well as books.
Their main product is zero-EMF computer displays, but they also have information about EMFs and sell gaussmeters.
This is a reprint of a September/October 2000 article in Microwave News, “What 4 Milligauss Means.”
An on-line publication dealing with EMFs and its effects.
This link provides information about a new use for the FDA-approved drug Naltrexone in treating CLL and many other cancers and illnesses such as multiple sclerosis 
Information about the use of Laetrile for treating all cancers.


Electromagnetic Fields
By B. Blake Levitt
A consumer’s guide to the issues of electrogmagnetic fields. Cites studies and presents more issues on this subject. (Doesn’t explain how to solve the problem, but still an important book.)

Currents of Death
By Paul Brodeur

Tracing EMFs in Building Wiring and Grounding
By Karl Riley
A consumer’s guide to EMF abatement in the home and workplace. Helpful for electricians, as well as people who want to understand how to correct high EMF problems. This is the expert who, along with our electrician, Henry Peters, made our house live-able once again.

Silencing the Fields
By Ed Leeper
I don’t yet own this book. See for excerpts.


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