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  September, 2007

The Diagnosis
In the summer of 2001, at the age of 46, just before we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary, my husband and I discovered that I had CLL, chronic lymphoctyic leukemia. Not happy news. The doctor downplayed it, said to think of it as more like diabetes than cancer. And they (doctors) probably think of it that way themselves. Only it’s not diabetes. You can’t control it with diet. I’ve tried, and the bugger still progresses. It is a disease that can be managed, not cured, short of an extremely risky bone marrow transplant. So far, I’ve become macrobiotic and organic, and I believe that helps. I’m now also looking into alternatives, such as green tea (didn’t work for me), low-dose naltrexone (see and laetrile (see

It’s been six years, and I weigh less and generally feel better than I did prior to being diagnosed. I’m not one of those chirpy people who say that cancer is the best thing that ever happed to them. That takes positive thinking just a bit too far, in my way of thinking. Nothing I’ve gained from the diagnosis has been worth a tenth of the worry and grief it has caused. That said, I remain hopeful and happy and determined to stay well and live out a good life span.

Discovering High Electromagnetic Fields in Our Home
The true reason for this web site is that I want to alert others to what I believe to be the cause of my CLL. By 2003, two years after my diagnosis, we discovered that our house had significantly high levels of EMFs. Even when the power was shut off, the room where my husband and I slept for more than twenty years was hot. It had EMF readings 2 -3 times higher than what is considered to be safe. Most experts who agree to be pinned down, consider EMF levels to be “safe” until a reading of about 2mG. Our room was often somewhere around 4 or even 6mG. Since we’ve corrected our problem, readings are generally below 0.5mG. (An “mG” is a milligauss, the standard of measurement of electromagnetic fields.)

Not only our bedroom and bathroom, but the room adjacent to it (my former office where I’d spent six to eight waking hours, five days a week) also had very high readings. I was literally bathing in a known carcinogen day and night for two decades. No wonder I was ill. It was a disaster. My husband and I were devastated. We moved into another bedroom in the front of the house. We bought a sleeper sofa and slept there for the four months it took to rid our house of this problem. It wasn’t easy as you'll soon see.

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