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Long Story Short

(How we fixed the problem)

It took nearly four months, two electricians, three cable company visits, two phone company visits, a plumber and an EMF expert we found on the web, who flew in from Florida, to help us finally cure our house of this problem.

Here are the things we did:
1. Some rewiring and changing of outlets and switches, where readings were high.
2. Removing all grounding wires from the copper pipes that run along the ceiling of the basement (and correspond to the floor of the house).
3. Installing a dielectric union, which is ironically a device to cut the flow of electricity on the water pipes. Instead of being grounded to the water pipes at the ceiling, we now have electrical wire running along the lower wall of the basement, and grounded to the intake valve BELOW the dielectric union. This keeps the high EMF charge away from and out of our house.
4. An in-line isolator (photos at right) is installed on our cable line outside our house to prevent what used to be a high EMF field from emanating into that bedroom. If you have problems with high fields at your cable connection to your home, you can get an isolator at
5. The EMF expert, Karl Riley, sent us a 12-page report about a week after his visit. He wisely referred to my health and within a month, Edison engineers came and rewired the poles on our block. Yay!
Ever since April 2005, our house has had normal readings of generally 0.1 to 0.2mG. When everyone on the block cranks up the A/C, we might have .6 to .8mG. I freaked out when it reached 1.0mG one time – although this is still a reasonably safe reading.


An Isolator Was Added

Where the electrical cables enter the house through the exterior box, an isolator was installed to prevent the high EMF from entering our home.

Close up view:

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