Chronic Lymphocutic Leukemia and Electromagnetic Fields
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  September, 2007

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Dealing with the Electric Company

It was clear to me that the problem wasn’t in our house. After all, when we shut down the power at the breaker box in the basement, our bedroom was still “hot,” exhibiting EMF readings of 4 to 6mG.

When I called the electric company, I had to ask for several people until I found someone who acted like she knew what I was talking about. She didn’t. She sent a technician who told me he’d been with Edison all his life and he had no idea what I was concerned about. He left.

I called the electric company again and, amazingly, they had an EMF department! I had to fax them a request. I left out the part about me having leukemia because I thought it might make them more wary of me. In retrospect, that might have been a mistake.

The local Edicon EMF team of one man and one woman arrived, took hours measuring things (but never our bedroom when the power was shut off in the house), referred to my “comfort level” and were well versed, apparently by corporate lawyers, in assuring me that there was no problem with our house and that if there was, it had nothing to do with the power line, or with their company. They suggested that I have the phone and cable companies check out their connections to my house to make certain that that wasn’t the cause of our high (oops! I mean “uncomfortable”) fields. My work was cut out for me.

Calling Electricians
Most electricians really don’t know what you’re talking about when you talk about EMFs. They really don’t want to believe that there is anything at all dangerous about working with electricity. It helps to have an EMF detector. (See the Links for sources of gaussmeters, or do a web search of your own.) They are meters and electricians understand them. It wasn’t until we found a semi-retired electrician, Henry, that we found someone open-minded enough to try and help us solve this problem. Henry was on our team and worked with us, speaking with the Edison EMF team, as well as with the EMF specialist, Karl Riley, who flew in from Florida and spent several days at our home, working with Henry on our EMF abatement.


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