Chronic Lymphocutic Leukemia and Electromagnetic Fields
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  Last Revised:
  September, 2007

There is a connection between
electromagnetic fields and some
cancers including leukemia is online for these reasons:
1. To let you know there are serious health risks involved in living or working too close to power lines. I am certain the power line behind my home is the direct cause of my diagnosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have also been linked to other adult leukemias, childhood leukemia and brain cancer.

2. In addition to EMFs from power lines, you may also be exposed to unhealthy levels of EMFs from sources inside your home and workplace. These fields are easier to control and correct.

3. There are many ways to detect and measure the EMF levels at you home and at work.

4. You can reduce high EMF levels to reduce your risk of exposure.

We sell nothing on this web site and have no affiliations with any of the linked businesses or organizations. The purpose of this web site is purely informational.


This web site is not comprehensive. It is merely my attempt to present my story and encourage others to test their homes and workplaces BEFORE they, or someone they love, develops leukemia or some other life--threatening disease.

Help me build a repository of EMF infomation for this site. If you find information online or elsewhere, let me know about it.

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